Twenty nine paws

Dear Leo,

Hi baby! This morning we played with the bouncy glowing ball in the house. You threw the ball for me and I chased it! We had a fun time getting to run around the house. When the bouncy ball got stuck underneath the refrigerator, you went over for me because I was trying to dig it out, which wasn’t working so well, and you pulled it out for me and then threw it again. I really liked that. Thanks baby boy! You’re a helper now, who knew you’d have such useful thumbs on your human paws?! 

It was also quite exciting to watch the roof cleaner guys today. They were making all sorts of noise on our house! We saw one of the guys sweeping the roof and you were knocking on the window and saying, “DADA,” but silly baby, that wasn’t dada, but momma told you that. You call all human men dada, and all the ladies seem to be Mamie or Mimi, but generally grandma’s are Mimi too. You just have to know how you say it, which I know so we’re doing fine. 

I love how we team up and work on playing and exploring things together now! Thanks for being my buddy Leo. I love you!



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Gotta rest when I can.

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