Twenty eight paws

Dear Leo,

Today Grandpa visited and I saw him for a minute and then I took a nap upstairs so that you guys could play. I must have napped for a long time because it was almost the dinner time when you came and got me. I love when you feed me and come calling for me before the suppertime. You run over to the closet that contains the foods and you help momma open the bag, scoop the food for me and then carry it into my quiet space. I like that a lot. Momma tells you to give me gentle pet-pets and a kiss, you give really nice kisses. 

Sometimes I get really excited and I will push past you to run inside, or go somewhere. Sorry about that little dude. I don’t mean to, I just have lots of fun energies inside my paws. They make me spring and jump sometimes. I don’t do that with you, but I do run, run, run, and get it out when we’re outside or when we play with the ball. You threw the ball a lot for me today. You tried to chew the ball and that was funny because I wanted to chew it too! We have the same basic instincts, us doggies know what’s good stuff. 

I love you Leo.


Your sister Kimmy

© 2019 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

Gentle pets.

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