Twenty seven Paws

Dear Leo,

Today we were under attack. The yellow jackets were after us in the back yard, “AGHHHH,” ear, arm, and paw flapping commenced! (That means took place, lil dude you’re working on your vocabulary…) We survived though. Mom rescued us and you went to play and do human things in the front yard for a while. I watched you out our secret window for a while and then I got tired so I relaxed and fell asleep.

Sometimes when you leave and I can see you, I get more worried because I want to be right next to you to protect you and momma. You were playing, “Poke all the things outside with a stick!” That’s a fun game. Sometimes I like to play, “Poke all the things with my nose, and then taste them…” but that’s not really a human game to play, just a doggy one. I know that you tried to play along with me but our parents didn’t like it when you put things in your mouth like bark dust, dirt, and rocks. I thought it was pretty funny though and so I ran around to show you that. Keep exploring, and I’ll be your trusty side kick lil buddy. I love you so!

xoxo, Kimmy-Kim-Kim

Nap time, tongue out, ears flopped, relax mode set!

© 2019 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

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