22 Paws

Dear Leo,

Today we spotted over 10 airplanes flying overhead in the sky. You’re really good at spotting them. I can hear that there is something there, but I don’t really see them as well as you do. When we were watering our plants, you kept laughing at me because I was really thirsty. I didn’t understand why mom kept giving all the plants the water, I needed a drink real bad, all of a sudden, so that’s why I was licking up all the water from the watering can! You and mom laugh a lot when I do that, but I think that it makes sense because it’s there!

You saw a big wasp today trying to drink water from the flowers momma calls, “snapdragons,” I think they are just puffy looking yellow popcorns, and you said, “MAMA!”  We went inside the house shortly after that because the wasps and the yellow jacket bugs are not so nice this time of year. Sometimes I try to eat the flying bugs when I see them, but then momma and dad are always telling me, “No Kimmy, don’t eat that!” I know how to eat them though, and then I go eat the grass so it doesn’t bother me, but I don’t always chomp on them the first time, so I just opt for the grass because it’s safer. Daisy dog, our cousin taught me about eating the grass. It’s tasty and it cures all of the illnesses or troubles a dog can have. Alrighty baby, I need a nap, so I’ll see you soon in our dream-ies. You’re already playing without me in dreamland. See you soon!



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