Twenty One Paws

Dear Leo,

I thought yesterday was hot, well today was even hotter, if you can believe it. My paws were warm during our morning walk. You’re so lucky that you can ride in a stroller because your toes are out and not on the hot ground. We saw lots of squirrels, which you call, “Na-ni-nas,” and many birdies. My favorite part of the walk was when we made it longer and we walked through the grass and we spotted a cat with no tail. It had these bright yellow eyes that shone like a light. You pointed to it and laughed a lot, I got excited and started panting, and then we kept walking.

The other best part of the day was that Grammie, who you like to call Mamie, came over and played with us. You had peanut butter and other stuff for lunch, it was tasty, thanks for sharing your carrots with me, and your fingers at the end. I love to lick your toes and fingers. They taste delicious baby. I love you lots!



Let’s meet at the slide in your dream tonight, I’ll give you kisses when you slide down!

Hot walks in the summer time!

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