Twenty Paws

Dear Leo,

Today it was warm, even for this California, sun loving dog, it was a warm one little dude. You and mama didn’t take me on the morning walk like we do almost every day. I was very confused as to why you guys left, but you did. You came back smelling of new carpet and construction dust. I think you must have gone to the place that mama, “worked,” at because she would come back smelling of old carpet, glue, and smelly children’s fingers. I went to that place once. It was super fun. I chewed on a toy that a kid gave to mama, for me, it was great! I chewed a hole in that toy. I’m salivating, that means drooling Leo, just thinking about it.

Speaking of drool today, for the lunch time you had the peanut butters on bre-bre, which is short for, bread. I was drooling because I wanted some, you were grouchie-s because you wanted some too I guess and you got in the trouble because you kept running at me and growling. It was like you were turning into a doggy. I didn’t mind though, I just kept walking back around. Then I got to lick the spoon that the peanut butter was on. That was tasty! Thanks for taking me on an afternoon walk lil one. I loved it! Have good dreams, meet me outside!



Hugs please. 🙂

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