Seventeen Paws

Dear Leo,

Today I tried to get you to play with me by pouncing around and plopping in the dirt. You seemed  to really enjoy that. We made friends with the neighbor kid. She’s really sweet and quiet. You ran right over to the fence and touched paws with her. I tried to do the same thing, but then you laughed really loudly and ran in a circle and so naturally, I followed suit as the humans say, and I ran around and came back for more. We did this for quite a while and it was a blast. Then we heard something and so we had to go in the house. Turns out it was a giant box thing that mom dragged into the house. I was worried and tried to help her, but I ended up having to sit like you did on the carpet, but then I got my smells in. It’s hard to wait and get your smells once you’re allowed to, you know? I’m a tired feeling dog tonight so I’m going to go to sleep on the couch because it is cool and my body has been warm today. Love you buddy!

xo, Kimmy-Kim

Always side by side. ❤

© 2019 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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