Eighteen paws

Dear Buddy Leo,

Today the grandparents came over. You say their names over and over at home, along with mine, and your cousins. You love them a lot. I can tell because you reach for their human paw fingers and you take them to other parts of the house to see things stuck on the wall, or in your puppy shelves. Sometimes I like to grab the elephant stuffed animal on the shelf. I know that they were stuffies that were given to you, but I like to chew on them. It’s quite satisfying to give it a good shake-y shake too. Especially so when I’m not getting a lot of doggy attention, sometimes that’s hard for me. I love you so much and we have lots of funs together so it’s not a problem, just something I recognize about myself.

Every now and then I like to be alone, so I go to lay down and just be. That helps me to get the chill out in my body going. Then you come along and give me pet-pets and I’m ready to go do the play thing with you. Mostly I like to follow you around and get some, “lick-by’s” in. A, “lick-by,” is when I walk around you and get your neck, ear, cheek, mouth, and nose all clean real quick before the adult humans get in the way. I love you baby. 

Nighty night, 


© 2019 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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