Sixteen Paws

Dear Leo,

Today it was sunny. Then it wasn’t, it was cloudy and gray-ish, so I’m told. Did you know that I don’t really see color? It’s true. But I can smell really, really well, so my sniffer makes up for what I can’t see. We played in the pool today. You love it. That’s all I can say about it. I like it, mostly because I can drink lots of water while you splash around. My favorite part of the water times in the pool thing is when you hold up the cups with the holes in them and the water pours out of the bottom. I like that a lot! I can keep drinking until the water runs out, but you seem to have picked up on the idea to keep refilling the cup for me, so that works well baby.

I also helped you with the bath tonight. But before you got in the tub-tub, you took the cup that dumps water on you, and you threw water on the tub, on you, on the carpet, on the floor and just really all over the places. Dad thought it was really funnies, mom didn’t see it happen. Then you pulled the scary knob thing-a-ma-jig that starts the water that comes from the ceiling, they call it the shower. That upset you a lot, because then the water was coming down on top of you, but you weren’t in the tubby-tub yet. So yeah. There was some crying and a lot of wetness and then you took a bath and it was all fine. I helped you feel better by licking you on the face before mom started the washing. I hope you’re dreaming about our pool time today baby. 

I love you Leo babe, 


Doggy patrol
Ready for the water times

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