Fifteen Paws

Dear Leo,

Today is a special day. It’s our Auntie Debbie’s birthday. That means that as we go about our day, momma says, we’ll remember our auntie and do a few special things to honor her. This morning we had fun in the sunshine together. Momma says Auntie Debbie loved the sunshine and cool air combination. I do too.

I love to play with you in our backyard every morning. You throw the ball really well for me now. Sometimes I just get so excited that I run up and grab it out of your hand. I know that’s not, “fair,” as momma and dada say, but I don’t know what fair really means. I just know that if you’re standing there, holding that ball, I wanna come and get it! So I do that, like I did this morning. You thought it was pretty funny though. We practiced problem solving and you got the ball and threw it for me again. I hope you had a fun time on your morning outing with momma. You guys smelled like a bread, books, and a choir room! You were a busy babe today per your generous smells! See you in our dream baby. I’ll meet you by the playground! I love you! 


Kimmy doggy

Dear Kimmy,

HI DOGGYYYYYY!! I was so happy to see you this morning that I ran up to you and gave you a big hug and then kissed your ribs, I got some hair on me, but that was ok. We had a nice breakfast time, I know you love to give me hand kisses when I’m eating, especially when momma isn’t looking, that’s always good timing Kimmy! We had some fun in the grass this morning! You stole the ball from me, that was kind of funny, but then momma had you try again. I have to try again a lot. It’s just part of being little and learning. That’s what momma and dada say. So you had to try again too! Momma took me to this place that smelled like really yummy bread that our Auntie Debbie liked, then we got the hot drink for momma, and we visited this giant book store! I got a book about TRUCKS and we got other books for her little library! You’re going to love this book Kimmy. Know why? Because we can point to it together and yell, “TRUCK!” Then we went to the big kid place and saw dada singing and I ran around the room; up the stairs, down the ramp a lot of times, until I fell a lot. Then it was time to go. So now we’re both having dreams. Let’s meet soon by the slide!

Love you,


Getting morning smells
Before the books!
Shadows of us
At the big kid place called, “Choir.”

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