Fourteen Paws

Dear Leo, Hi baby. You are really into climbing that ladder/stairs deal-i-bopper outside. It makes me really nervous, so I like to hang out near you. Naturally, as your sister with four paws and surrogate puppy mom it’s my duty to protect you. I think it really helps you when I lick your neck repeatedlyContinue reading “Fourteen Paws”

Paw Thirteen

Dear Leo, Oh my goodness baby boy. Today we were gifted an awesome play set for you in the backyard. It’s like a big tower with stairs and a slide that you can go down. You had the best time trying to climb back up the slide, I would nose you in the leg andContinue reading “Paw Thirteen”

Twelve paws

Dear Leo, Today we romped around the back yard. You spotted a bumble bee and then showed me, mom and dad. We also looked for Charlotte the spider, but it appears to be that she has moved  to a new home. Sometimes that happens with bugs, but I don’t mind. Then our friend, Uncle S.Continue reading “Twelve paws”