Paw Thirteen

Dear Leo,

Oh my goodness baby boy. Today we were gifted an awesome play set for you in the backyard. It’s like a big tower with stairs and a slide that you can go down. You had the best time trying to climb back up the slide, I would nose you in the leg and then give you kisses when you came down the slide. You laughed and had so much fun! I love seeing you happy. So I would go get the green squeaky ball and run around the play thing while you went up and down on it. I liked doing that because we were both super happy.

Sometimes when I feel so many happy feelings coming up inside of me I just get so overwhelmed that I have to run, run, run, which I do! I like running the laps around the yard. It makes me just get all the happiness going and it floods out of me. Mom says I look like I’m smiling when I run, run, run, probably because I am smiling, I’m HAPPY!

Love you, 

Your Kimmy-Kim doggy

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