Twelve paws

Dear Leo,

Today we romped around the back yard. You spotted a bumble bee and then showed me, mom and dad. We also looked for Charlotte the spider, but it appears to be that she has moved  to a new home. Sometimes that happens with bugs, but I don’t mind. Then our friend, Uncle S. came to visit and I was so excited that I boop-ed him where I shouldn’t have boop-ed him and I got in trouble because of my choice. Then you went on an acorn hunt with momma. I watched from the front window of the house because the neighbor dogs don’t like it when we all visit their yard. You put one acorn hat on each gnome of mom’s outside. We’ll have to see if the acorn hats are still there tomorrow. 

Love you baby, 


Just hanging with my buddy.

© 2019 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

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