Ten paws

Dear Leo, The other day I forgot to mention something important. You came home and smelled of tears. When I got a closer look, you had a very funny smell from your head. So I decided it was best to investigate and get to the bottom of it. I soon realized they’d taken you toContinue reading “Ten paws”

Nine paws

Dear Leo, Today we got to play in our yard, I was super excited. We were at the beach, which is like the best place EVER for the last two days, but there is something special about us together in our yard. We got to dig in the dirt. You liked picking up rocks andContinue reading “Nine paws”

Eight paws

Dear Leo, Hi baby. Today I got to wake you up. Mom and Dad opened the door for me and I do all the work of walking in, sniffing your bed, and settling into the corner so when you pretend to be sleeping, but actually looking up, you’ll see me. We got to play outside,Continue reading “Eight paws”

Let me introduce myself

Dear world, My name is Kimmy. Here are ten things I want you to know about me: I was adopted by two humans three years ago. I love my family very much. Baby LDB is my best friend now. I love to lay in the sunshine. I like to take long walks anywhere my humansContinue reading “Let me introduce myself”