Nine paws

Dear Leo,

Today we got to play in our yard, I was super excited. We were at the beach, which is like the best place EVER for the last two days, but there is something special about us together in our yard. We got to dig in the dirt. You liked picking up rocks and tossing them back onto the ground. Then, we did our walk thing and you spotted a couple of balls. I look forward to our outside time together every day. Then you went somewhere with mom and dad. I took a backwards nap on the couch. A backwards nap, in case you don’t know, is when you curl up so your back faces out and your paws and nose face into the couch. Then you can get really into the burrowing stage of the snuggly part of the couch. I fall asleep like that a lot, especially when you’re not home with me, doing the house stuffs. You were not really interested in your dinner tonight, so I got a lot of fun scraps like avocado, rice, and ketchup. That was great. Thanks baby. 

Love you lots lil dude, 

xo, Kimmy-Kim

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