Two Hundred and Ninety Nine Paws

Dear Brothers,

It’s winter. I can feel it in my tail. It always tells me when the changing of the season is upon us. And, it is upon us, have you seen this rain? It’s everywhere and all over at one time! Good gracious me, you wanted me to play with you out back in it this morning LDB and I wasn’t having it buddy. You see, as we have discussed before, I’m not a fan of a wet tail, or wet paws for that matter.

Once, we were romping in the rain and I splashed myself and I got so muddy that I had to have a bath, and those are my second unfavorite things, after rain of course. So, with all of this being said, I ran to the concrete step and waited for mama to deliver me to the house. In other words, I wanted her to open the door to the house and let me inside. I was much happier on the dry floor towels and then cuddled up on the couch. Later on, we watched/listened to story time with the library! That was so fun little dude! You were all talking about dinosaurs, and so you brought out your dino and he romped around while we listened to the story. Great fun was had by all, mama was even stomping like a t-rex at one point in time. That mama and dada, they make an interesting pair of dinosaurs, I tell ya! 



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Monday blues: try slobbery kisses.

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