Two Hundred and Ninety Seven Paws

Dear Tiny Ones,

Hi there. It’s officially fall, or autumn, the change of this season has begun. My paws felt it this morning when I went outside for my usual business, at dawn. It was literally the break of dawn when I ventured outside, the light was just beginning to emerge, but really, it was pitch black and I used my nose to help find my way. Mama also helped me a bit too, she wandered around saying, “Kimmy, go potty please,” as if I needed her to trail me, silly mama.

There are times that I love it when mama joins me outside and there are other times when a dog just needs to be a dog and go on a little adventure alone. Most of the time the human parents understand this, but occasionally I need to remind them!  Tiniest brother is up now, that was a short nap buddy. I gotta go check on your latch for the milks! 



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