Two Hundred and Seventy Two Paws

Dear Kimmy,

We walked to the field today, I walked the whole way, as I normally do now that I am such a big kid! Mama pushed little bro in the stroller with the giant wheels and we had my ball, snacks, and all the things down below him. He took a nap-o and we talked all about the cars, neighbors, yellow jackets, grass, crunchy leaves, leaves that rustle, sunshine, signs, yellow stopping marker, the letters S-T-O-P, shapes, and I ended the journey with tree hugs. 

Did you know that you can hug a tree? Well, wait a moment… I’m not sure if you can hug trees Kimmy dog. It might be a little bit challenging for you to do that. I love to hug the trees that line the field by our school. I go up to the tree and say, “Thank you for the oxygen I breathe!” Mama taught me about loving trees and the oxygen. I’m a scientist toddler, so I know lots of information about outside, leaves, trees, and puddles.

In fact, I am an expert puddler. That means that I search for puddles, I assess their size, and I jump in to find the depth. It’s a pretty fun experiment each and every time. A puddle never fails me, especially if I have boots on to protect my feet and legs. I love to say, “1-2-3, JUMP!” And then I jump or hop into the puddles and hopefully I land with a giant SPLASH! I like to get wet and to splash mama or daddy if I can. It’s a good time had by all, at least in my perspective that is! 



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Face of a pup who is concentrating.

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