Two Hundred and Seventy One Paws

Dear Brothers,

“Zzzzzz, drool, drip, drip.” Whoopsies, I was in a deep sleep there for a moment. Mama is sitting on the bed with me and I am curled up in doggy dream land right now. Iriving, you took a little while to fall asleep, but you did it, nice job buddy! Isn’t it fun to snooze in a quiet space vs. when brother is chasing me with the wheeled objects?

Leo, I’m over here, come on, meet me by the slide and let’s race around together lil’ dude! I love meeting you in dream land. It’s my second favorite to outside playtime in the land of, “realness.” You know, something just reminded me of an adventure that transpired yesterday! 

Grammie visited us yesterday. She cut all of daddy’s, Leo’s and mama’s head hairs! I was so very confused about what she was doing. At first, I greeted grammie, sat down for treats and jumped around some more. I settled down and watched the family get all the hairs trimmed afterwards. I don’t ever get my hairs trimmed, I think it has something to do with me being so shiny and having shorter hairs from my lab dog genes. After the hair cuts, the hairs all blew away into the whisps of the wind. I think that straggler hairs are for the squirrels and birds to collect! These creatures make funny little round beds in the trees by our house. Mama told me about these nest beds once when I was a puppy. I listen really intently when I am told new information, especially about squirrels, because those critters are stinkers and I need all the information that I can get on them. I love you two! Let’s go play in our dream now Leo! Come on and chase me buddy!



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“Oh, hey there momma!”

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