Two Hundred and Seventy Three Paws

Dear Human Brothers,

Why am I not invited on the morning adventures anymore? I know that if daddy comes along, I can go too, but we don’t have a double wide stroller for you two humans, and thus the answer. However, I still like to ask the question though because I want to be a part of everything we do in our family. This made our later afternoon walk so much more meaningful, squirrels and all.

Also, something to note, the odd smell in the air is back again. I’m not quite sure what it is exactly, but the hazy sky told me that something is amiss in the Earth as we know it. I could sense it a week or more ago when we were inside all of the time and things smelled burned outside. I missed the sky, and the sunshine, and our play time outdoors. We have those things back now, and I know that we are all grateful for them. I’m waiting patiently on the couch, my couch, as you call it LDB and I’m relaxing on my blanket until mama takes me outside. I don’t like to fully commit to getting up until I know it’s a sure thing. I can’t use my doggy energy up too soon in the day. It’s all a process of learning and extending my lab sensibilities to where they truly need to be. I love you two!



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