Two Hundred and Sixty Nine Paws

Dear Kimmy,

Why do you like to lick me? I’m not quite sure what the warm tongue on my head means, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it means something like a hug. This morning mama was doing some standing on a mat and I didn’t want to watch anymore so I shared some feelings about it. You came over casually and then gave my head and cheek a tongue bath. It was quite a strange experience, but I am growing more accustomed to it every day. Last night during the supper ritual, I watched you walk around the table and in-between myself and big brother. You like to stand near my brother and catch any of the food that falls.

Speaking of food, I have been practicing eat my hands so that I can be ready when I get to eat food. I love the milks with mama, but I’m really excited to participate at the table like the rest of the family. Some day when I’m a little bit stronger I’ll be able to hold myself up for long times and hold, reach, and grab. Although, I can grab hold of things when I concentrate on them for long enough. For instance, the other day mama was reading me a book called, “Little Hedgehog,” and I was so excited to see the critter that I kept reaching for it again and again. Life’s pretty exciting and challenging at times, but I persevere, just like you big sister. I love you puppy dog, and we’ll work on the licking. 



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