Two Hundred and Sixty Eight Paws

Dear Kimmy,

There’s a new animal friend in our home now. Can you guess who it is? Owen, the fish! He’s a beta and he used to be part of cousin Kate’s school of fishies. Now she is bringing her fish to our home so that we can adopt him. Mama said that it’s a big responsibility. I love, care, feed, and talk to Owen every day. I like how his fins move around with little flourishing swish swishes. He’s really cute and blue. I’m not sure if you’re aware that he exists, but he’s here, none the less. One thing I love about Owen is that he makes me feel calm and relaxed.

I walk up to his tank on the counter and watch him swish around and around. I tell him how my morning is going sometimes, and I ask him, “How are you fishy?” I still give you lots of pet-pets and hugs Kimmy. Lately I’ve had a lot of feelings to share with you about “sharing toys,” or snacks, but it’s all because I love you and I am learning about my feelings every day. I hope that you are having a restful nap time. I am resting too, I was a little bit tired after puddle jumping up and down the road with mama and Baby I and then our big car adventure to drive and see construction. Thanks for joining us on the car ride. I love you mountains, as mama says. 



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Tiny snuggles and sniffs.

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