Two Hundred and Seventy Paws

Dear Brothers,

Today was a special morning. You rose before the sunshine LDB, I mean, I wasn’t even off the couch yet and you were coming downstairs all ready to read books and play. I listened to the stories from my bed, after I jumped down off of the couch. All those stuffed animal friends take up a lot of space on the couch. You would think there’d be room for me, you, and the stuffies, but alas, there is not.

So to the doggy bed I ventured. I know that I get the couch all to myself during nap and bed time, so I don’t mind using my bed as much. Did you know that when I was a tiny puppy dog mama and I slept on the couch my first night at home? I had a loud cough and would shudder on and off. Mama cuddled with me all night long. I changed positions a few times and rotated around so that my paws were pushing into mama for a while. I remember that cuddle session like it was yesterday. I love to cuddle with mama and dada. Whenever dada is on the floor I go in for a cuddle, every time!  Sometimes I’ll sit on him and demand some snuggles, but I mostly do that if I haven’t had a walk that day so I need some extra attentions. Oh golly, speaking of cuddling, I’m snoozing with your stuffies on the couch and lounging on the pillow. It makes for such a lovely cushion beneath my head. I love you lil’ dudes. 



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Sniff trails.

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