Two Hundred and Fifty Three Paws

Dear Brothers,

Why is it that I have to ride in the back of the moving vehicle? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am so pleased to be with you all, but still, I’m in the rear. I do have to also admit that I was inside the car, but in the back. Dad built a little bed for me out of my sleepy time blanket and I was rather cozy with my own window too, but still, like I said, I was in the back. I like to be up close to the front, right in between my boys, all cozy, panting, and getting any fallen snacks that come my way. It’s one of those things that brings me great joy in life. Snacks, kisses, and cuddles, what more could a doggy want from this life?

On a completely other paw, I think that is what the world needs now, love. As silly or as simple as it may seem, love is what you, me, and everyone needs more of. I can see it when we’re on a walk, or driving down the road, people need to lift up their heads and show each other love. Sometimes I do that by wagging my tail, by smile panting, or by nudging with my head. I’m not sure what else to say in order to explain it but this: try to add a little bit more love everywhere you go. 



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Couch buddy cuddles.

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