Two Hundred and Fifty Four Paws

Dear Leo, 

Do you know what is the best feeling ever? Your gentle dog pets and kisses, oh and hugs! I can’t forget the sweet little brother hugs. Ther other day I walked by Irving and I gave him all the licks and baby kisses that I could give him in a passing minute. He didn’t seem to mind so much when I kissed his face and toes. There’s something so sweet about the way he chats, looks around, and can hold himself up. I’d really just like to cuddle with both of you when you do the sleeps, but I know that we all need our space, but I am still partial to proximity with you both, but on my terms, of course.

There are times when I need some space, and when both of you need space too, but I still love to be near you. In fact, I believe it’s my job to be there for you as much as possible. A dog’s life or purpose is to be the companion for their humans. You’re all my humans of the pack and mama is the alfa and dada the beta. I’m third in life, but lil dude Leo, you seem to think that you’re in charge some of the time. I do have news for you, but that’s ok, I’ll let you think you’re in charge. I’m a flexible pup, I’ll let you have that, but trust me, I know things too. 



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Baby finger pets,

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