Two Hundred and Sixteen Paws

Dear Leo and Irving,

This morning we took our usual walk around the neighborhood and added the extra square in. I love taking you both on walks. It’s one of my favorite past times. Then we all took naps in synchronization mode. Mama has Irving resting on her leg right now and I think it might be falling asleep because she keeps squeezing her toes and moving her leg, but you know, a mama’s gotta do what a mama’s gotta do.

I am listening from my bed and I perk my ears up and open my eyes whenever noise comes from dada or you. I forgot to mention my favorite moment from the morning time. We were all on the floor together! Here’s how it happened: I laid down to rest during the making and the baking of the bread you guys were doing. Irving was hanging out in the chair thing that vibrates, and I supervised him with the momma and dada. Then mama pulled out the baby mat, and you both laid on it. Mama read books to us all and we were off in, “Elephant and Piggie land!” I still don’t quite understand how an elephant and piggy are best friends, but they are and you love both of those characters dearly. Irving seemed mildly interested in the story. He was intrigued by your hand holding and what was happening up above him. I loved watching you three and having you close by on the carpet with me. Have a nice nap buddy and little buddy. 



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Paw toe business.

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