Two Hundred and Fifteen Paws

Dear Kimmy,

The sun is out! Whenever it is a rainy day I say, “Sun, out, no rain!” Sometimes mama or dada sing this song, “The sun’ll come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there’ll be sun!” I like to tell them, “No mama, no dada, no ya-ya-ya aka la la la,” even though I secretly like when they sing for or to me. Sometimes you just have to assert your feelings when you’re a smaller human such as myself. I wanted to say thank you to you Himmy aka Kimmy. I love you. Thank you for trying to make me feel better when I was having a hard time with my feelings before my nap time today. You were really sweet and tried sitting by mama and giving me kisses. I gave you pets and hugs too, but I was still having big feelings about things and I just had a hard time with it all, so much so that it upsets your doggy ears. I hope your ears feel better now that you had sleep time. It can be hard when you’re little and you try to express yourself, especially when you’re tired. That’s what our mama says. I agreed, even though I didn’t say yes. So. I love you Kimmy, thanks for always understanding me and being so kind when I have big feelings come over my body. I loved your kisses when I was trying to take deep breaths. Thanks for those, even though I said, “NO!”



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