Two Hundred and Seventeen Paws

Dear Irving,

This evening we saw something special out of our back window. Mama called it a, “hummingbird,” I call them: flying creatures. I’m not quite sure what was so special about the bird, but mama seemed riveted to the window and even filmed with her tiny rectangle for a while. I started my snooze fest and we watched you kick your legs and do your baby cooing/talking thing that you love to do.

One thing I appreciate about mama is when she stops and gets interested in nature. Even though the bird aka the flying creature was not truly inspiring to me, as a four legged mammal, I love to be outside and be in nature, so it made me happy to see her excitement.

When we are all outside together I love to watch, sniff, explore, and then snooze. When you sleep in the sunshine outside, it helps to heal any of the previous problems of the day. My favorite patch of grass and clover provides a welcome comfort when I am ready for a rest. Your brother likes to lay down next to me on the grass. I wonder if you will do the same when you’re a bigger human? Right now you make some really great faces when I give you kisses. I like to taste your head and ears, so that’s what I aim for, but every once in a while when you’re close to my ground level, I get a little one on one time with you. We’re going to be best buddies, just like Leo and I are, I can feel it in my paws. But I do know that you will be your own person and or personality and I have no idea who that will be, but I am excited to find out!



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Take two of noses and toesies.

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