Two Hundred and Fourteen Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi buddy! Today is the start of a new day. I can feel the winds of change coming, especially this last weekend. There was so much wind, and shifting in the atmosphere. I would put my nose up to the sky and sniff. You did this with me for a little bit too. It helps to breathe in and out and think about what’s ahead of us in our puppy day together.

We had an extra long, or double walk with the dada this morning. Mama went to the, “boop, boop, boop,” doctor and we waited for her to come home. You said, “Mama, no, mama stay,” this morning. I just sat by your side and agreed quietly. I know that the mama has to go sometimes and the dada too. I’m used to the coming and going. You’re not so used to those things quite yet, but you seem to really understand and ask questions more about it now. You’re growing up so fast lil’ dude. Keep playing and being curious with me. I love you!



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Tongues out, slobber happiness.

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