Two Hundred and Thirteen Paws

Dear Kimmy,

This morning was quite exciting! I had fun running around the patio telling you to go, “Pee, poop, Kimmy!” After that we got to go book shopping in our family library. You raced upstairs and I crawled after you super fast. Then we looked at books, lots of books, and I got to choose new ones to put into my basket for downstairs. You were super jazzed up and raced from one room to the other and I tried to race after you.

Sometimes I get a little bit overwhelmed and I scream and laugh really loudly while running back to mama or dada. I know that you are playing with me, and would not pounce on me, but I get so overwhelmed that I can’t think straight. That’s why I scream and yell, “No Kimmy,” and I run back over to our big humans. You make me laugh, and feel warm fuzzies inside my heart. Thank you for being my pal Kimmy! Let’s play spikey turtle ball this afternoon! I like that game a lot. I’ll throw it for you and you can run and get it, ok?  See you in our dream soon Kimmy, 



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Beachy boys and paws.

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