Two Hundred and Twelve Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi lil’ dude. Today is one of my sleepy feeling days I can just tell it is, by sniffing in the air. I feel the rain coming, it hasn’t started yet, but I think it will soon. Perhaps as we are napping the rain will come down?

Early this morning there were thunder claps! It woke me up a little bit, but not enough to make me get out of my comfortable chair and blanket. I got up when dada let me outside and we did my breakfast routine. I like to be awake and fully ready for getting you and mama up. Sometimes mama gets up before you, and sometimes you like to climb onto the bed and wake mama up.

I like to cuddle on the bed with mama, especially around her feet and legs. I help her drift off to dream lands and then we all have a dream adventure together. Mama and dada read this book to you about dream animals. I think one of your dream animals is a cat, like Bella cat. You say, “Night night,” to her special paw prints every night. You love her, and I loved her a lot. She was my first kitty cat friend. I used to enjoy curling up next to her and snuggling for a nap together. Then when she would wake up, I would lick her ears and nuzzle underneath her chin. She loved all the puppy dog attentions I gave to her. She trained me to be a gentle doggy friend, and now whenever I see a cat, I’m excited, but I give them their space. There’s no other cat quite like Bella cat, which you and I know best. Night night buddy. 



Sandy paws.

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