Two Hundred and Four Paws

Dear Leo,

It was another rainy day in the neighborhood. Who knew that it could rain so much in one place? I think I blank out the weather from this time of year for a specific reason, the wet is just soggy. There is no if, and’s, or’s about it. It exists, it’s part of our season, but I prefer the sunshine. I’d like to hop on a little adventure car ride with you and go visit our cousin in the warm desert. You’d probably really enjoy the constant sunshine. I know that it gets unbelievably hot in the desert though, so you know, the grass always appears to be greener I guess?!

You had a nice froggy romp session out back in between the giant rain clouds of the afternoon. We were able to take a nice post rain walk this evening. I loved all the fresh smells. Sometimes when I want to get some really good smells in, I take big whiffs, and taste them with my mouth. You find this to be quite funny. I have a good sense of humor, but, I think you’re rather generous with your laughter. I appreciate the laughs though, it’s my favorite sound that you make. We’re both pretty tired this evening. You had a long, long hug session with mama and dada before bed time. You gave me extra loving pets during and after your stories. I love how gentle you have become when it comes to Kimmy TLC. Thanks lil’ dude. I love you.



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Couch time mama, shh!

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