Two Hundred and Three Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi buddy! The sky is blue, the sun shined bright, and the smells were out and about on our walk this morning. I loved being able to get on a scent trail towards the end of our walk. Dada wasn’t really interested in following it though. I’m not sure why he wouldn’t play along. You would have done a marvelous job trailing along with me, had you been second to my command on the trail. Alas, the big humans don’t always follow our leads little dude. I keep working on them though. You took wolf-ie stuffed dog with us on our walk and he worked on his leaf booping skills. He works quite hard when you cue him to boop on command. I don’t understand the leaf booping skill so I leave it to the mute stuffed creatures. I use my sniffer to hunt down trails, as I was saying earlier.

Today we also had a couple of phone chats with our friends and family. You were talking to another little dude on the phone. He’s a bit older than you though, by three years to be exact. You had fun watching him romp around and listening to how he likes to play. I encouraged you by pushing you with my nose and giving you back licks every time you hopped up onto the couch. I know that you didn’t want me to give you slurps, but it’s just my way. I helped mama do the downward dog work upstairs while you caught up with the beach grandma and grandpa. They have my friend Stanzi at their house, but we haven’t played in quite a while. She’s grown into a more mature pup now. I remember when she would try to jump on me, but I’m pretty tolerant, seeing as I have a small puppy human in yourself to contend with at home. I understand the ways of the puppy-hood. I love you buddy. Dream on!



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Daddy lap cuddles are the best.

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