Two Hundred and Five Paws

Dear Leo,

You are my tiny brother. I’m not sure why you only have two of your four legged paws working at a time, but irregardless, I get you to play with me on all fours daily. You chase me around pretty good on two legs, but I’m still faster than you are. Hehehe, no need to brag. It’s the doggy truth.

Earlier today, during our game of chase, you kept going to, “home base,” which is mama, but I felt like that was cheating because you egged me on to play from the start. So, naturally being the accommodating creature I am, I did! I goosed you with my nose in your back and you went running to mama and didn’t want to play anymore. I just maintained puppy dog play position and leapt up when you released your hold on mama. “Haha, woof!” And then right back to mama you went.

You’re a funny lil’ dude sometimes. I know that I’m a big lab-plotthound doggy, but you gotta play fair here buddy. If you wanna play chase or ball, then I’m all in. I’m going to nap and we can get back to our play later today. I love you.



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