Two Hundred and Two Paws

Dear Leo,

I’ve been eating this special peanut butter spoon thing two times a day for a while now since we went to the vet. I have a sneaking suspicion that there is more than peanut butter in that spoonful, but I’m not going to say no to some peanut butter! I mean, who would? I guess, maybe if they were allergic to it, but that goes without saying, make good choices.

I have been feeling a little bit happier with my skin since all the peanut butters and it definitely helps me when I am outside in the grass. My back still gets itchy sometimes, especially if it’s scratched a lot by a human, but I deal with it. I would say that I feel 98% better and so I am back to my usual shenanigans of guarding, barking at large trucks outside the house, and playing with you all day except when it’s nap time for us.

I actually just woke up! There was a rumbly engine outside of our house and so I gave a big woof woof from upstairs. You were talking to dada about getting up, so it was appropriate timing. Golly, those trucks worry me. I’m going to lay by the front door now and guard us. There’s a random object on the front porch that is an unidentified package without my consent of delivery. These packages keep coming every few days and no one has been clearing it with me. I gotta go alert mama. I love you buddy.



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