Two Hundred and One Paws

Dear Buddy,

Hi there. You’ve taken to saying, “No mama, no hi, hiya!” I’m not quite sure why, but it’s funny irregardless. Anything that makes you laugh I am generally down for. There are a few exceptions to that comment I just made though. I am not fond of when you chase after me with wheeled objects. I am not quite sure about how fast those objects move or what they might feel like if I were to collide with them. So I run, I can run really fast and I can also leap over things when they are approaching me. You find that hilarious, especially if we’re having a chase romp in the backyard. I can leap all over the place outside. I can even leap through the garden box or the vegetable box too! I know that you are playing with me and getting me to run around like a crazy Kimmy dog when you run at me, but all the same, with that being said, the wheeled things have got to go.

First of all, I don’t have wheels, second of all it’s just not fair to compare me to a moving plastic car, and last of all, see the first two reasons. Besides which, you don’t quite like it when the objects are put to bed in a closet for a while. Although, you’re pretty smart for your britches now and you know where things go when it’s, “Night night car,” times in the house. I need to rest up and nap now because we had a walk and a car adventure this morning. We are going to have another adventure later to drop off paper envelopes so I will see you in dream land. 



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Garden smells.

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