One Hundred and Ninety Eight Paws

Dear Kimmy,

I pronounce your name, or at least the first letter that is, instead of with a, “K,” sound, with an, “H” sound. Himmy is more of how it comes out. You like that I can say your name now, but you also like to try and ignore me, but mama and dada don’t blame you. You have three people telling you what to do all the time, that’s a lot of human directions for one doggy.

Today mama went to the, “Beep beep, beep,” doctor and so dada, you and I went on a super long morning walk with no rain! We saw a new digger-excavator at the house that is being built, many squirrels, and some doggy friends. I looked for a baby digger down the bigger main road but there wasn’t one there today. Sometimes there’s two diggers which is pretty cool to investigate. You seem to be into the ground smells whenever we stop to look at the trucks, but I know that you’re with me and leading the way.

Then, dada and I went on a long run! I took a red dog stuffed animal with me. He’s fluffy and our cat sister used to play with him. Dada and mama say that red dog was a part of Bella’s pride. I like red dog, and all of her other toys. I moved them off of the special glass mirror with her paw prints and arranged them on the window sill so that they could get some sunshine and fresh air. I think they like it there a lot. Red dog loved our outside adventure. I like to include as many stuffy friends as I can on our adventures so that they can see the world too! I teach them out to look at flowers, clouds, bushes, and how to “boop,” leaves. I’m going to nap now. I love you Kimmy aka Himmy. 



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Wait, don’t move, I see something in the grass!

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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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