One Hundred and Eighty Nine Paws

Dear Kimmy,

Hiiiiiiii friend!  How are you doing? This morning you came in and sniffed me in my bed. I liked that a lot. I have started calling you, “Kim,” and less of, “Aaaaiiiii.” I like words that begin with the letter K now. I have a cousin whose name is: Kate. She is a big girl whose a senior in high school. Do you remember our car ride to see her with her graduation sign in the front yard? That was a fun little road trip that we took as a family. I liked riding in the car with you by my side buddy.

You sat and panted, then looked at me, and then rested your head on the back of the seat. I think you’re super funny when you pant. I like your pink tongue and shiny teeth. It looks like you are smiling or just being silly when you pant your tongue like that. That’s why I laugh when you do that. There’s a lot of things that you do that I think are funny! For instance, (mama and dada taught me that phrase), when you run after you tail outside, I think that’s super silly! I also really like when you get down in play position and wiggle your bottom and tail in the air. I can’t help but run towards you and scream with joy.

Lastly, when you nuzzle your head into mama or dada and give him or her kisses, I like to do the same because we both love them very very much. I have learned a lot about life as a doggy from you. You helped teach me how to be more responsible and loyal. You’re always there for me, especially when things are hard. You circle around me, give me kisses, and stick with me, even if I push you away when I am feeling mad or sad. I love you Kimmy.



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Contemplative thoughts outdoors.

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