One Hundred and Eighty Eight Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi dude. This morning was quite the start to the day. I decided not to get up until everyone was up and getting started with the breakfast stuff downstairs. Then I got kind of sick in the back yard because I waited too long to get up and to eat my breakfast. I had some peanut butters with my later breakfast and then I felt terrific.

We had a fun family walk with some sunshines, and there were birds, bugs, and butterflies flying around, I loved it. Next we played outside in the yard. You were super busy climbing in and out of the deck chair. I busied myself with yard chores. You know the usual: sniff the flowers, check the weed bushes, nibble the grass, run around, go look in the bark dust, be chased by you, sniff the flowers, check on momma, repeat the list.

Dada brought out the loud machine that eats the grass after that. I went in the house because I don’t trust that machine. It concerns me that it spits out the grass and dirt. You and the mama watched from the deck chairs and gave dada some good tips. You like to direct where dada cuts the grass. Up next was snack time, my job was to check for crumbs and anything good that might fall my way. I got a few tasty crumblies.

Later, you and momma went outside again, but you took your bike and I stayed inside and guarded the front window watching you. You area really into pushing your bike everywhere and especially so on the grass. Afterwards you helped mama pull green plants with yellow flowers from the bark dust outside my front room window. You pushed a big cardboard box around, carried the trowel, and dumped the plants into the box as mama’s helper. You were a super busy lil’ dude! After all that weeding business we played more in the yard with me. I’m exhausted Leo. You worked hard, and so did I. Let’s play more after nap time. I love you, 


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Good dog, pet, pet, pet. Toddler loves.

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