One Hundred and Ninety Paws

Dear Leo,

Hey lil’ dude. It’s been a long doggy day so far. We woke up early. I could hear you moving around in your bed, but I stayed in my bed until the mama said, “Kimmy!” I was hoping that we were all going to go back to sleeps, but alas, we got up. I loved giving you a nose sniff and boop in your bed before you got up. Thanks for helping feed me this morning. I like it when you shake my food in the bowl and pick it up when it falls all over the floor. You’re a funny puppy dog boy like that.

We had a nice long walk with our humans and then a romp around the yard for a bit. You were investigating the remaining tulip flowers and put some other flower petals inside of a tulip. So I decided to nose boop the flowers. Some of the petals started coming off. I think that means that the flower is at the end of its life.

Anyway, we got to the part of the morning I didn’t like very much. You all gave me another wet bath deal. I do not understand why I have to have these baths every few days, but dada said it’s because my skin is upset and flaky. So, I wouldn’t tell mama or dada this, but I think the bath helped me not feel so itchy anymore. I liked how I felt after the bath, but I was kind of worried during the process because I’m not interested in being wet, even with cookies helping me through it. I love you buddy. 



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I’m trying to walk here momma, not be photographed!

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