One Hundred and Eighty Four Paws

Dear Kimmy,

For the past few years we have had a visitor. Not the kind of visitor that we would normally have that would play with us. But this visitor is one of a kind. It keeps coming back, to all the windows and screens on the windows. I think it wants to come in and play with us.

I like to go and talk with it by telling it, “Knock, knock, bird, home play!” It taps back to us and then moves to another window nearby. Mama and dada keep asking me what I want to name the bird. I think it should be named, “Doh,” as in do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do! It’s quite strange because the bird likes to fly up along our window, flap around, and then hook it’s claws into the screen.

Then it will fly straight up and tap, tap, tap on the window frame. It’s been here all week. We can watch it from the kitchen, the table area, the screen door, the upstairs rooms, anywhere really! Sometimes it will even visit if the curtains are closed. At night time it rests in our big pine tree out front, and then once the sun rises, here it comes! For a while you would act concerned about it tapping. I think you’re used to it now, unless it taps really hard on the screen door, which is at your Kimmy dog eye level. Mama said that you are snoring while she is writing all of this! Our walk and play time must have taken it out of you this morning! I get tired too, but it’s not quite my nap time yet. Love you Kimmy-Kim. 



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Thoughtful Tuesday.

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