One Hundred and Eighty Five Paws

Dear Leo,

Hey there lil’ dude. It’s been a long morning aka day for me. The sky is super bright and gray without sunshine. I thought there would be sunshines today, but alas, it is not so. It makes me feel a little bit glum inside my head when we have days like this. I don’t really feel like romping around as much, but we surely did none the less!

You and dada made a bunch of different forts this morning too. There is one set up on the couch right now! It’s not on my chair couch so that’s ok with me! You crawled in, and used this blinky light to see and hollered, “Night night dada!” You also love to crawl into the pillows and blankets on the big human’s bed and say, “Cover!” Then you wiggle around a bunch and pop your head out and say, “HI!” It surprised me the first time you did it, because I was laying on my blanket on their bed. But now that I’m on to you and your shenanigans with the blankets, I know better.

You crawled over to me and gave me a big squeeze-y hug. You tried to do that again and I had enough of the human interaction business so I hopped off the bed and curled up on my doggy bed. That’s supposed to be the, “Don’t bother me, I’m Kimmy, and this is my space bed.” Most of the time it works that way for me. Sometimes it seems like you just can’t help yourself but want to come and cuddle with me. I can understand that. I’m a pretty good cuddly dog.  Or, so I have been told. I do my best with the skills I have baby boy. I love you to the moon and back kid. 



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Suns out, panting is on!

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