One Hundred and Seventy Eight

Dear Kimmy,

Hi friend! How are you feeling doggy? Sometimes your tummy has these upset things, I’m not really sure what they are called, but I call them boo-boo’s and I worry about you. I go up to you and give you gentle pet-pets and say, boo-boo to check in on you. I love you so much Kimmy dog. You’re my best friend. Sometimes I get a little excited or carried away and I will try to chase you in the house or outside with one of my wheeled toys. I think chase is a fun game. I like to do that with you especially in the later afternoon when I am running high on post lunch sugars! Most of the time mama and dada notice my little sly smile and my run for you before I get too far. They “intervene” and we have a chat about safety and kindness.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember to be kind, especially when the sillies take hold of me and you’re running around and around too. The other day we had to let you outside in the morning right away because your tummy was upset. We checked on you and then gave you foods with warm water in it. I think you really liked it because you slurp-slurped all of it up. I gave you a big hug and some pets as you settled down on the floor.

One of my biggest suggestions, as of late, for you has been to try and get you to lay on the smaller couch because I like to be in charge of the big couch. That seems hard for you to understand. I call you, and pat the other couch, but you still jump up on the bigger one. I have some big feelings about “spots” and space on the couch right now. I’m working on it. Especially so when mama and dada say who is in charge… sigh. The learning curve is always quite high buddy. I love you. 



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Sometimes mom takes my picture when I am blinking.

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