One Hundred and Seventy Six Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi lil’ dude! Did you know that it’s a brand new day? A fresh start, with no mistakes in it? Mama likes to say that a lot. It’s a sunny one! I’m super excited about the sunshine business. It makes my heart feel happy to have it shine down on us. You had some nice play and run around time when I went out to do my business this morning. You were super busy listening for work trucks and running to your tower to see then whenever they would drive by. You’d yell, “Mama, Kimmy, BOOM!” We heard and saw a big recycling truck dumping glass that was quite audible. That was a highlight of the morning yard time together, for sure. Right now you’re on a walk exploration with dada. I heard that you practice your numbers with daddy on those walks. You count the suns that a neighbor painted onto the sidewalk. You don’t like to say the number seven for some reason, but eight and nine are your favorites! I can understand eight because it sounds like, “ate,” haha, get it, ate food?! We puppy dogs think alike. The important things in life involve food, sleeping, and resting. All the essentials are covered that way, am I right, or am I right?! Haha. Love you baby,


Tiny human puppy brother. Kimmy says, “I like to smell him.”

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