The Return of Kimmy’s Paws

Dear Leo,

He’s here! Our newest puppy brother. You kept calling him, “baby I,” but I didn’t understand what that was all about. Now I realize that you were talking about the baby in momma’s tummy. Boy did he get to be a big puppy! You had a hard time sitting on momma’s lap when it came close to the baby’s birthday! Sometimes you would try to sit on her lap and then just get a big bump, from the belly.

I knew something was up when momma got up in the middle of the night and the two big humans started shuffling around. The next thing I knew they brought me downstairs and Auntie Allison or Auntie A as you like to say, came over. I love Auntie A because well for one she gives me the pet-pets, and for two she is Daisy dog’s momma and Daisy is my best friend.

Speaking of friend’s, I think you and the baby will be friends. You love to cuddle on the bed with all of us when mama does the milks, you give him kisses, and you never chase him around with the stroller, only me. So I think you know to be gentle, kind, and reserve the rough housing for me. Yesterday we had the best romp and then, “lounge in the grass time,” together. You kept laying down next to me. I loved it! I even gave you big lick kisses on your ears to let you know that I loved it. I think you may have missed that memo though because you kept jumping up and saying, “No Kimmy, nooooo,” and then running around, race style, so of course I had to run after you! We had a great time while mama watched us while holding the baby, whose name is Irving, by the way. I love you puppy brother Leo. We’re all still sleepy or even asleep in baby’s case and I sent this message to mama. 



Summer vibe: Time to lounge!

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