One Hundred Seventy Seven Paws

Dear Leo,

I was at it again last night. Sometimes I have to just wake up nice and early and think about all the delicious possibilities there are to eat during the day. While I am doing so I lick my chops over and over again. I do this so much and so loudly that I have the powerful capability of waking up the big humans. Isn’t that funny?

I decided to cuddle with mama at about four a.m., so naturally I joined her on her bed side. I’m thoughtful like that. We got up early and had a nice time in the back yard. I love listening to all the birdies move around and tweet, so I just pick a spot in the yard to stand in, lift my nose high up towards the sky, and I take in all the breathy smells I can. I do this for a good five minutes and then the humans begin to get anxious about time.

Time, time, time, they always say things that involve that word time. I like to focus on the feelings I have instead of, “time.” I find it much more useful in the long run to breathe into the things that are important, such as the current moment at paw. Did you see what I did there? I made a pun about a paw. Case in point, be clever about the words you use! Well, I think I have made my point about a dog’s perspective on early morning work. I love you buddy. I hope you had nice dream-ies because it’s going to be a great day today! 



Late night snooze with baby IRB ❤

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