One Hundred and Eighteen Paws

Dear Leo,

Today we went outside and it was so cold on my paws! The ground was frosty and whenever I breathed heavily small clouds formed in the air. You went on a search for any frosty areas and poked them with your mittened hand. We had a nice time running around and playing our version of chase. I love it when we do this. My favorite bit is when I get really excited about our game and then I run in figure eights around the yard. Ha! You try to keep up with me, but sometimes the plotthound doggy motor kicks in and I just have to, “Go, go, go!” Mama and dada say it’s as if I am a wound up toy that bursts to life. “Here goes Kimmy dog!”

After our romp-ous-ness in the yard we went on a baby doggy walk with the mama. You brought your keys that you like to call, “Knees,” and watched out for any small creatures. I lead the way and we all stayed warm with extra layers and movement. I’m curled up snoozing along with you right now. I get so tired after all of the morning exercises that I need to conserve my energies and nap. So, nap on buddy, see you at the slide in our dreamy! 



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What exactly are we looking at here buddy?

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