One Hundred and Fourteen Paws

Dear Leo,

Today, I have unfortunate news. It rained again so much that I was soaked within the first ten minutes of playing outside. I wanted to go inside and have dry paws after I got soaked. Mama dried them off and then she took you on a puddle walk with your giant frog suit on. I watched you from the windows in the house to make sure you were safe. I’m really good at tracking you in each window we have. I watch intently and then I sit on the front carpet and wait for you to come back. I know that you’re with mama and that everything is ok, but I will always be protective and worry about you because you are my puppy brother. 

We went on an adventure with mama to bring dada a coffee bean thing. We stopped and got the warm liquid stuff that smells. Then we drove to dada’s school and I got to give him some nose kisses with you. We ate bananas when we got home and enjoyed some stories. We watched some of the construction out of the back window. You narrate it really well with, “Beep beep beep’s and booms!” I just watch and wonder what are all the humans doing anyway? I’m going to get my nap on, it was a busy morning. 



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“Let’s watch together, it’s more fun buddy!”

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