One Hundred and Fourteen Paws

Dear Leo,

Sometimes we team up and investigate things. Take the upstairs for example. You have these two amazing thumbs on your hands and you use them so well. I didn’t realize that you could grab the things that are on the so-called shelves. Some of the, “things,” look really exciting to chew on. I really appreciated when you threw a “ball” for me and I raced after it. But I would like to get one thing straight about the giant blue yoga ball. It scares me.

When mama had you in her belly she would sit and bounce on the giant ball. I was constantly wagging my tail and pacing around her because I was worried that she might fall off the moving object. Humans will never cease to amaze me in regards to how much trouble they can really get themselves into! You love to roll this giant ball around and you giggle with glee when I run away from it. I don’t think you understand that I’m running away from the ball and not with the ball, even though we often go in the same direction. Perhaps I can divert your attention if I bring up a toy with us when we adventure upstairs! I shall try this soon. I love you. Better go nap myself so that I have all 8 morning naps in the books. I love you baby. 



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“Did I blink mom? It’s kind of dark in the blanket fort.”

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