One Hundred and Thirteen Paws

Dear Leo,

We had a blast outside this morning. You looked kind of odd though because mama put you in this froggy suit for keeping you dry from the rain. You kept saying, “Mo,” but eventually sat down and put on your rain suit and then boots. Once you had all of your fur on you got to come outside with me which was the best part. I loved it when we played chase and I ran around like crazy in circles on circles. Later you picked up the poop-a-scooper and tried getting my doggy number twos. Mama intervened and helped you, but I think you’re quite a responsible little guy. I appreciate what a helper you are, well, we all do. You’re getting to be such a big kid. We play together and you’re as tall, if not taller than me now when we play the chase game. I love it because then I know that if I accidentally bump-bump you that you’ll bounce back up quickly. You gave me a really nice hug and pet-pet before I had my breakfast that you scooped from the doggy food bag. Thanks for the loves. I love you too little guy! 



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“Wait, hold on!”

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